A. Davitaya, president ISHR-Georgia in interview with Forbes


The conflict in Abkhazia must not be allowed to freeze!


Dr. Avtandil Davitaya, President of ISHR-Georgia in an interview with Forbes-Georgia:

The conflict in Abkhazia must not be allowed to freeze! Communication and cooperation between Georgia and Abkhazia are key here. Davitaya believes it is extremely important in so-called frozen conflicts such as Abkhazia not to let people’s relationships really freeze, but on the contrary to enliven them with communication and exchange. Economic cooperation is also a particularly important factor. In this respect, he fully supports this creative joint venture project between young entrepreneurs in Abkhazia and Georgia. Here young Georgians buy natural fruits in Abkhazia and produce fruit brandies using modern technology. The idea was almost obvious, the young people creative and powerful. An energetic mix to defy the cold from frozen conflicts.

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Avtandil Davitaya, ISHR-IGFM
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