Marina Glasova, young English-Teacher traumatized in prison

!!! Just updated: 11/27/2020 :

Marina is now under house arrest with very strict contact restrictions.

In the event of a violation, she “must be arrested again immediately”. So she definitely cannot answer any letter.

She had blossomed in custody through your letters of support, now the state is letting Marina wither. Don’t let the flower wither, even if she does not get and cannot answer the mail now, so the guards will see that Marina is part of our g(u)ard-en!

Last week we asked you to write Marina Glazova a letter to the prison. The unblemished young primary school teacher was arrested on September 13th. She had taken part in a prostest operation in the university town of Brest on the Polish border and was detained for lack of respect for the police officers.

She has been in custody for almost three months. She had just started to discover and cultivate contacts with the outside world through the independent newspaper “Brestkaya Gaseta”.

“I have never before realized the value of letters as I do now!”.  That was the last we heard from her.

Then a letter to her was returned with stating that she was no longer in this pre-trial detention center. According to her father, she is from now on only allowed to receive mail from close family members. All of a sudden the courage, hope and strength that Marina had drawn with her correspondence outside is gone. She has become very depressed, so her desperate father.

Our last info here once again,

at the bottom her detention address:

On 13 September, 25-year-old Marina Glasova, a teacher of English and Polish in the Belarusian university city of Brest, took part in a demonstration against the falsification of the election of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. At the end of the demonstration, she was arrested and taken into custody. Two days later, a case was brought against her for “lack of respect for police officers”. Since then she has been in custody.

A member of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) who found out about Marina’s arrest from a Brest local newspaper, decided to write her a letter. Our colleague’s quote: “It is difficult for policemen in Belarus even to learn their native Belarusian language. In Russian they know only curse words, that’s all. I wrote to Marina using rich English, which only a native speaker or a teacher of English would understand, so the censor in prison most likely had problems deciphering what was written”.

On November 10, 2020 Marina Glasova replied with a letter:


Today is November 10, and literally an hour ago, your letter was handed over to me personally from a translator. And right away, before I forget, I send a “hello” from him in the form of a request to write to the prison in Russian. 🙂

I want to express my deep gratitude to you for the words of support and those attachments that I found in the envelope! I have never before realized the value of letters as I do now. Each new envelope that I receive, each “dialogue” that I conduct, or a monologue that I read, gives me a drop of strength, helps me not to lose heart and believe that the current situation can be resolved more or less well. Thank you for becoming the person who gave me a smile in such a dreary place. 🙂 You know, no one before that (even my colleagues) dared to write to me in a foreign language. And you have become a living example of the fact that it is better to try once than to talk a lot about trying. 🙂 I love these people because I myself have this character trait. 🙂 In general, your message was doubly pleasant! I believe you are a very brave man. 🙂

You wrote that someone posted my picture from one of the lessons on Facebook. This news slightly embarrassed me… In the classroom, I play a lot, theatricalize, dance (all these are like elements of games with children), so the photos do not always turn out to be good… But okay, it is what it is. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for letting me know! Here it is difficult for me to imagine what and where they say about me, so this piece of information added a little to the overall picture in my head. 🙂

Sergey, thanks to such sympathetic people like you, I am becoming more and more confident that there will be a little better in the world than evil, and the Belarusians will henceforth cling to each other and boldly lend a helping hand or be vocal! You and I can be proud that we live in such a beautiful place, even in such a difficult time.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

from Marina, 11/10/20

If you also would like to write a letter to Marina Glasova, copy the address in Russian and attach it to your letter.

Марина Глазова

СИЗО-7, ул. Советских пограничников, 37 

224030 г. Брест, Belarus

(Postcard 0,95 €, Standard letter 1,10 €, Registered letter +3,50 €)