The head of the Cuban regime, President Miguel Díaz-Canel (left) and the Cuban Communist Party reacted with brutal oppresion against the Cuban people after the peaceful protests of July 11. Thousands of Cubans took the streets of several cities demanding freedom, democracy and the end of the dictatorship and thousands remain behind bars unfairly. New manifestations have been scheduled on November 15, ISHR Cuba supports them and demands respect for the rights of freedom of speech and assembly for all Cuban citizens. 


November 15th will show whether Diaz Chanel is going the “Chinese way”

Frankfurt am Main/Havana, November 9, 2021 – Six days before the expected new protests against the dictatorship in Cuba, the regime threatens to “crack down” the democratic movements. What this means is the violent prevention of any peaceful protest, denounces the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), which is represented by a section in Cuba. The ISHR fears that the one-party government of the Cuban communists, which has ruled for 62 years, will follow the negative example of the Chinese communists and use massive violence to supress the civil manifestations. Martin Lessenthin, spokesman for the ISHR Germany board, explains: “Cuba’s leadership under Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel is afraid of the Cuban people and wants dead silence instead of peaceful protests on November 15th. Therefore, Germany and the EU partners must use the time until November 15th. They should make it clear to the rulers in Havana that violence against peaceful demonstrators will lead to the termination of all economic cooperation with the island nation. Every Cuban has a right to freedom of expression!”

Here is the statement done by ISHR Cuba:

Havana, November 8th, 2021 – The Great Anticommunist National Uprising which took place in Cuba past July 11th  constitutes a watershed in recent Cuban history. That day, tens of thousands of citizens spontananeously took to the streets in more than fifty cities and villages of the whole country demanding freedom and the end of the Communist régime. The answer given by the government was the usual one: brutal repression.

Recently a new organization named Archipelago convoked new demonstrations for next November 15th on different cities. Several other important and much older dissident groups have announced their support. The Cuban government has refused its authorization. They argue that the intended demonstrations are violent, in spite of the declarations of the organizers, who declare their peaceful intentions. The authorities affirm that the objective of the protest is to overthrow the government and change the existing Socialist system, although the organizers declare that they will only ask for the necessary changes.

In face of this situation, the Cuba’s Section of the I.S.H.R. expresses its support for all the Cubans who want to publicly speak their minds, and demands from the Cuban government to fulfill its obligation to respect the right of their subjects to hold public demonstrations, according to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and even the present Cuban Constitution.

On behalf of the I.S.H.R. Cuba’s Section:

René Gómez Manzano


Martin Lessenthin

Martin Lessenthin, spokesman of ISHR Germany

Gomez Manzano

René Gómez Manzano, president of ISHR Cuba