IGFM Switzerland kicks off partnership with SolarButterfly

The UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution in October 2021 recognizing the right to a healthy environment as a fundamental human right. The International Society for Human Rights – Swiss Section (IGFM) is concerned about the protection of the environment and we are happy that climate protection can now be officially integrated into our human rights work.

For these reasons a cooperation between SolarButterfly and IGFM has been established. Due to this cooperation SolarButterfly offers its donors a tax deduction of their donation and the IGFM Switzerland advocates that climate protection is really important to them.

The idea for SolarButterfly came from Louis Palmer, a Swiss environmental activist, who 15 years ago drove around the world in a solar-powered car. He is now planning revisit as many as 90 stops with the SolarButterfly whilst raising awareness about the climate crisis.

The caravan was developed by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The roof can be unfolded into a large surface – the butterfly’s wings. The solar panels on it, totaling 120 square meters, are said to generate 170 kWh per day (at an efficiency of 24 percent). This can be used to power electrical appliances and charge the electric car that pulls the caravan. Palmer believes with this energy, up to 300 km a day can be covered.

The SolarButterfly weighs just under 2.8 tons, is 10 meters long and, with its wings 13 meters wide when the wings are unfolded. The basic construction material – plastic waste from the sea. The SolarButterfly is expected to tour over 1,000 climate-friendly projects. Events with the local population, schools and political decision-makers are also planned.

Starting in May 2022, the solar-powered caravan will initially embark on a 22,000-kilometer journey through 32 European countries. This will be followed by trips to Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

On December 12, 2025, the caravan will arrive in Paris just in time for the tenth anniversary of the Paris climate agreement.

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This press release was initially published here in German.