Twitter Spaces: Knowledge Sharing Series

African Human Rights Day


We at the ISHR pride ourselves in knowledge sharing as a tool for advocacy. These series will enable us connect with key actors in the human rights ecosystem around the world. We believe that bringing everyone into a safe space to share their stories, knowledge and experiences will strengthen our network as well as open opportunities for collaboration.

We are delighted to host the second edition of our Knowledge sharing series on the 20th of October 2022. These series will take place on every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6:00–8:00 PM CET.

Topic of the Month: Africa Human Rights Day

Theme: ​40 Years of the African Charter: Has it scored?


This twitter spaces leverages our approach of multi-stakeholder dialogue and practical engagements with diverse Human Rights Actors.

The main purpose of this space is to examine the African Charter on Human and People ́s Rights. With the help of you, the lawyers, activists, and the members of the audience, we shall unpack the charter.

Below is what our talking points will centre on:

  • What the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights is. What is its historical and contextual background
  • What major human rights issues does it address
  • What do you think about the charter from an activist point of view?
  • What is the human rights situation on the continent (your country for more context)
  • What are the challenges that the human rights landscape faces?
  • Are there mechanisms within the charter to address these challenges?
  • Please share your story as a human rights advocate in your country.
  • Please talk about what you do to realise the objectives of the charter (only if you agree with the charter, if you do not, share your reasons too)
  • The Secretary General shall also talk about ISHR both at the beginning and end of the space.

You may download the full event program here: