Public statement of a group of Latin American Women regarding the death of the Iranian protester Masha Amini

The undersigned group of Latin American women hereby express our deepest sadness for the loss of the young Iranian citizen Masha Amini, who died after being detained and beaten by the “Moral Police” (the repressive apparatus of the cruel Iranian regime), on September16, 2022.

At the same time, we condemn the brutality of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s regime in Tehran for not bringing to justice the perpetrators of such a horrendous crime against humanity.

This public crime places women on the lowest level of Iranian society. Even more, it shows why the Iranian regime does not want to comply with International Treaties and is evidence of the Iranian religious dictatorship’s perception that women are not as human beings worthy of respect.

What is going on right now in Iran is simply unacceptable to all women all over the world.

Thousands of Iranian women are now protesting in streets in Iran, and all over the world. In private, internet videos show how despotic the ¨Moral police¨ is when beating and trying to impede women from speaking out, because they are already tired of being scorned and subjugated by men and religious authorities.

What has happened in Iran, must stop immediately. No religion or ideological creed should refrain women from dressing the way they want. It is grotesque to see the Iranian regime´s police acting to stop women from exerting their rights. Their voices must never be muzzled.

Women all over the world are born free and as such they should be respected and protected by government authorities when in situations of risk or peril. They also are entitled to speaking out their minds in private or in public.

No more repression against women. No women should live in fear. No more violations of human rights by dictatorial regimes that have enshrined in their Constitution. the inferiority of women or their subjugation to men or public authorities.

No political or religious regime should disrespect universal human right principles.

We fully support all the women of Iran that are in the streets of their country protesting repression, humiliation, and the violation of their basic rights.

Iranian women have the same rights as all Iranian men, and are entitled to live freely, unharmed, and safe.

Ana Marin

International Society for Human Rights

Miami Beach, Florida

Alexandra Marin

International Society for Human Rights

Coral Gables, Florida

Susana Lorenzo,Md

International Society for Human Rights

Miami Lakes, Florida