/Peace Maker Program in Guatemala

Peace Maker Program in Guatemala



Program conducted by Prison Fellowship and the International Society for Human Rights Guatemala. Prison Fellowship hopes that the Peace Maker program will prevent from so much violence in Guatemalan prisons. The program teaches people to negotiate peace through arbitration

Names of places where the Peace Maker program has been taught (Schools, Institutes and Vulnerable Groups):

  1. Parroquia Santa Rosa de Lima
  2. Colegio SELSE, Sta. Rosa de Lima
  3. Escuela el Tablón, Sta. Rosa de Lima
  4. Instituto Nacional De Educación Básica Magdalena, M. A.
  5. Instituto Nacional De Educación Básica San Bartolomé, M. A

Prisons served:

  1. Preventivo para Hombres de la zona 18
  2. Anexo B, del Centro de Detención Preventiva para Hombres de la zona 18
  3. Centro de cumplimiento de condena para Mujeres F1
  4. Centro de Detención Preventiva Reinstauración Constitucional Pavoncito
  5. Centro de Detención Preventiva para Mujeres Sta. Teresa
  6. Centro de Orientación Femenina, COF
  7. Centro de Detención Preventiva para Hombres el Boquerón
  8. Granja Modelo de Rehabilitación Canadá, Escuintla
  9. Granja Modelo de Rehabilitación Cantel, Quetzaltenango
  10. Cárcel Pública de la Policía Nacional Civil de Jutiapa
  11. Correccional para Menores Gaviotas

Departments where these prisons are located:

  1. Guatemala
  2. Cuilapa, Santa Rosa
  3. Escuintla
  4. Jutiapa
  5. Quetzaltenango

Beneficiaries: 3,000

Institutions benefiting from mathematics, ABC:

1. 15 Pre-primary, primary and basic schools – 15,450 people benefited.
2. 03 Parishes – 5,000 people benefited.
3. 01 Evangelical Ministry – 4,500 people benefited.
4. 03 Educational Pastoral of the Guatemalan Episcopal Conference – 18,535 people benefited.
5. 01 Prison Ministry of the Guatemalan Episcopal Conference – 15,450 people benefited.
6. 05 General Direction of the Penitentiary System – 5,000 people benefited.

Departments in Guatemala where donations have been delivered:

1. Guatemala.
2. Santa Rosa Cuilapa.
3. Sacatepéquez.
4. Escuintla.
5. Chimaltenango.

Total of beneficiaries:  63,935


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