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Eastern Partnership & Russia

The history of the International Society for Human Rights is closely tied to that of the Soviet Union. After its fall in 1991, ISHR sections formed in many countries of the former USSR, including all six countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine) as well as in Russia. Currently, exciting joint projects regarding freedom of information and media and strengthening civil society actors are being carried out in the region by the sections, iniated by the ISHR in Germany, with support from the German Federal Foreign Office.

To a 50th anniversary of the ISHR with brave representatives from a free Belarus!

Next year the ISHR will be 50 years old, half a century full of painful and cruel human rights violations all over the world, but also half a century full of courageous human rights activists working for human rights. How did it all start? The founder of the SHR was the exiled Russian Ivan Agrusov, who was threatened with the death penalty in his homeland, the former Soviet Union under Josif Stalin.

The Right to a Fair Trial in Ukraine

The International Society of Human Rights connects sections of human rights defenders from many countries on all continents. On UN’s Human Rights Day 1993, December 10, 1993 25 Ukrainian human rights activists – members of the International Society for Human Rights globally – established the international public organization “International Society for Human Rights – Ukrainian Section” (ISHR-US). Today ISHR in Ukraine has more than 3,500 members.

Large demonstration “Freedom for Alexey Navalny”

More than 2000 participants in Berlin demanded the release of Navalny and all political prisoners in Russia. On January 23rd, a large demonstration by Russians took place in the German capital under the motto “Freedom for Alexey Navalny”.

ISHR Eastern Partnership and Russia 2020

Dear colleagues, friends and others interested, with this annual review of 2020 we would like to thank you for being a warming light of hope with your interest and commitment to human rights! We sincerely wish you to experience this extraordinary end of the year as relaxed as possible and to regain strength! Your ISHR- team from Baku, Brest, Chisinau, Frankfurt, Yerevan, Kiev, Moscow and Tbilisi!

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