New book: Seeking Justice. Stories of Violence in Belarus

In recent days a range of famous Belarusian organizations and associations, such as Belarus in Focus, Press Club Belarus, Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), Legal Initiative, Viasna human rights center, and the independent Belarusian media, presented the Seeking Justice. Stories of Violence in Belarus book. It collects the stories and evidence of Belarus people who protested against alleged election fraud in the presidential elections 2020 and who due to such peaceful protests suffered from tortures and different forms of cruel treatment.

Thanks to the organization August2020 and various non-state media it was possible to collect a huge number of stories and photos of police violence against peaceful protesters. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the right to freedom of peaceful assembly is one of the fundamental human rights. Unfortunately, this right has been violated by those who actually supposed to protect this right and Belarus citizens.

We must not keep silence! We call on the society to read the stories of brave Belarusians!

Click here to read Seeking Justice. Stories of Violence in Belarus