Switzerland: PluSport Handicap Receives Swiss Human Rights Award

From left to right: Samuel Schmid (former Federal Councillor), Christian Lohr (National Councillor), Markus Gerber (President of PluSport Switzerland), Rita Schlegel (President IGFM Switzerland), Elsbeth Boss (artist, painted the prize picture), René Will (Managing Director PluSport Switzerland)

The Swiss section of ISHR has awarded PluSport Handicap Switzerland, the head organization for Swiss disabled sports, with the Swiss Human Rights Award. It is the second Swiss Human Rights Award to be awarded in the year 2022 in quick succession. The reason for this is that the presentation of the Swiss Human Rights Award of the year 2020 had to be postponed several times due to the Corona lockdown and therefore coincides in the current year with the presentation of the Swiss Human Rights Award of the year 2022 (which was awarded to KIRIAT YEARIM, an association which runs a Swiss children’s village in Israel, earlier this year).

The decision for this year’s award winner was made on the basis of PluSport Handicap Switzerland’s role model character exemplifying how life can be made easier for people with disabilities. With its work for people with disabilities in Switzerland, PluSport follows the new UN Convention on the Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities.

The new UN convention is an integral part of the statutes of ISHR Switzerland and it is very important to ISHR to set an example showing that it takes this UN convention seriously by honoring an organization active in Switzerland that supports people with disabilities. PluSport is an organization that is extremely committed to the rights of people with disabilities. Sport gives these people a wide range of opportunities to live healthy and active lives, to have fun and at the same time to maintain contacts in order to be able to integrate into society. In the 60 years of its existence, PluSport has achieved extraordinary things and has contributed enormously to the fact that people with disabilities in Switzerland can maintain their dignity.

The award ceremony with a laudatory speech by former Swiss Federal Councilor Samuel Schmid took place on PluSport Day, the Swiss day of disabled sports, on Sunday, 10 July 2022, in Magglingen/Switzerland.

Left: René Will, Managing Director PluSport Switzerland; Right: Markus Gerber, President PluSport Switzerland