ISHR Germany’s Katrin Bornmueller (Honorary Chairperson) and Khalil Al Rasho (Head of the Middle East Humanitarian Aid Department) are currently visiting Chamishko IDPs Camp in Duhok/Iraq to get a first-hand impression of the situation of IS victims.

They met 23-year-old Azima Khalaf, who was arrested by IS fighters on 3 August 2014. She came to Syria, was sold three times and experienced torture and rape for five years. Her mother and two sisters are still held by the IS and she does not have contact to them. Azima was liberated in 2019 by the Yazidi community of Al-Hol in Syria.

Today, she lives in freedom and will soon move back to Khanasor in Shingal, the city her family originates from. Please support the efforts of the ISHR (especially its German section) to provide much needed support to the Yazidi people in Iraq in their still dire situation.