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Research, support for prisoners of conscience, public relations and humanitarian aid, all cost money. For ISHR to keep up its independent, non-party and critical work towards governments, we need your financial support. We are aware that we cannot help all people in need. But each donation – as little as it may seem – helps save lives, overcome suffering or fight injustice. We cordially invite you: Please help!

Donations, international:
IBAN: DE 735125000000 2300725

Donations within Gemany:
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE04 5502 0500 0001 4036 01

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Non-Profit Organisation

The International Society for Human Rights is accredited at the Fiscal Authorities Frankfurt/Main as serving non-profit and benevolent purposes. The ISHR is authorised to issue donation receipts for tax purposes. Membership-fees are treated as donations by the German Fiscal Authorities.
Cash Statement

The ISHR annually publishes its activity report and cash statement of the last year in its magazine “menschenrechte”. You can also order the recent cash statement by mail.


The use of your donations is internally audited by two elected auditors, who report – as well as the treasurer – at the annual meeting of the general meeting. Accountancy and balance sheet are annually audited by an independent audit firm.

Do you have any questions concerning donations?

Karl Hafen, Treasurer
International Secretariat

International Society for Human Rights (ISHR)

Edisonstraße 5
60388 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: ++49 (0) 69 / 420 108-0

Fax: ++49 (0) 69 / 420 108-33
Email: info@ishr.org

Donations to the ISHR

Non-Profit & Donation Receipt

The International Society for Human Rights is accredited at the Fiscal Authorities Frankfurt/Main as serving non-profit and benevolent purposes. You will automatically receive a donation receipt for donations over 50 Euros at the beginning of the next year (earlier is possible, too if you wish), which you can use for tax purposes in Germany. For donations of less than 50 Euros, the deposit slip can be used as verification for the German Fiscal Authorities. Certainly you will also receive a donation receipt if you wish.

Make a single donation

We would be pleased, if you would like to support our work and make a donation to the ISHR donation account or if you issue an online direct debiting mandate. On your demand we will also gladly send you a payment form via mail: info@ishr.org

Make a regular donation

Supporting ISHR with a regular gift is the best way you can help us achieve long-term goals. It also helps us keep administration costs to a minimum. You have several different possibilities to regularly contribute to our work.

Direct debit payment

This link takes you to our secure online direct debit form. If you prefer you can also print and send the form by post. Of course, you can cancel your direct debit payment anytime. [Direct debit payment as pdf-document, 10 kB …]

Standing order

The permanent support for our human rights and humanitarian work is a huge help to us. Any amount helps! You can arrange a standing order at your bank.

Support a certain project

If you want to choose for which project your donation should be used, please name us the purpose of use. Your donation will then be exclusively used for this project. If you decide not to name a purpose of use, we will use donation where it’s most needed. Here are our Projects:

Fundraising for ISHR: Giving

Donations as a Gift

It’s your birthday, anniversary or any other reason to celebrate? Instead of presents you could also ask for a donation to ISHR for a certain project or the human rights work in general. It will be a pleasure for us to send you proposals for your personal giving campaign. If you wish, we will send you a confirmation of allocation as an attachment for your thank-you-letter or to the donators directly on your behalf.

In Memory Giving

If you would like a special, personal way of remembering a loved one, instead of giving flowers, make a lasting contribution to ISHR’s work.

Last Will & Heritage

Even after death you can do charity work by considering ISHR in your last will. Small but also large ISHR projects have partly only been possible through heritages. Of course, you can also determine the purpose of your donation or choose a certain project that you would like to support in your last will. We will gladly consult you on any questions, but legally binding information can only be obtained through your lawyer or notary.