The International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) is represented throughout Eastern and Western Europe, which primarily address issues related to violations of civil and political rights at home and abroad. The ISHR headquarters are located in Germany, and the German section carries out human rights work for ten different target countries worldwide.


Appeal of Solidarity to Belarus

On the occasion of a congress held in the former Cottbus prison under the motto "Forced labour in political GDR custody", the former political prisoners from the GDR who were present decided on the following appeal to the belarusian government.


On 13 Sep. 2020, the Tribunal on “Forced Labor in Political Custody in the GDR”, organized by the Union of Victims Associations of Communist Tyranny (UOKG) in cooperation with the Human Rights Center Cottbus, the ISHR and the Memorial Foundation Victims of Comunism (VIC), came to an end.

Disregard for the presumption of innocence in Ukraine

Even among high dignitaries in Ukraine: The Office of the Prosecutor General and the State Bureau of Investigation allow themselves to say that they seized a terrorist or a murderer even before the court’s decision. ISHR-represantative Anastasya Alekseyeva in interview:

Corona, the World and Human Rights

Human rights activists of the International Society for Human Rights/ISHR have already expressed their concern at the beginning of the massive measures that the remedy against the pandemic could prove to be worse than the pandemic itself.

Corona in Germany

At the end of December news came from China, that a new type of a deadly virus had developed there. With horror, I texted this news to my children, in my head scenes from American pandemic disaster movies.

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