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New skirmishes between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's youth demonstrate for war. "End quarantine-begin war," so to read on their demo banners. 75 years after the end of the Second World War, modern, educated youth take to the streets and demand war. How is such a thing possible?

Peace Maker Program in Guatemala

Program conducted by Prison Fellowship and the International Society for Human Rights Guatemala. We hope that the Peace Maker program will prevent from violence in Guatemalan prisons. The program teaches people to negotiate peace through arbitration

The International Society for Human Rights in Guatemala

The ISHR-Guatemala fights social discrimination of Mayan children. They received a donation of 60,000 books from the Latin American Committee of ISHR- based in Miami to be distributed in rural schools in the poorest areas of Guatemala where most children are from the Maya ethnic group.

Iran: Stop arbitrary arrests and convictions of Bahá’ís

The Iranian authorities are intensifying persecution of Bahá'ís despite the ongoing health crisis during the Corona pandemic. Prison conditions make it impossible to comply with hygiene rules. Their access to medical care is also limited.



Schirrmacher visits Memorial Hall in Nanjing

The President of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), Thomas Schirrmacher, visited the Memorial Hall for the victims of the Massacre of the Japanese invaders 1937/1938 in Nanjing (China).

Guest lecture on human trafficking at the University of Cologne

The President of the International Council of the International Society for Human Rights, Thomas Schirrmacher, gave a lecture on “Human Trafficking – The Return of Slavery” in Lecture Hall XII of the University of Cologne at the invitation of the student association ‘campus connect’.


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