“Tell me about the war” – Audience responses

Tell Me About The War gains considerable attention

The joined video project “Tell me About the war”, that was created by various ISHR sections and published for the 75 years end of the Second World war has gained considerable attention. After being showcased in our last newsletter, the project has been picked up in international newspapers and shown several times on Belarusian television in a 7-minute feature that is still available in the media library. In Georgia, it was viewed by over 23000 people on the Facebook page of the Georgian section alone and additionally achieved a good response in Moldova and Ukraine.

Some audience references state:

“A big thank you to the organizers of the project for the opportunity to participate and be its consumer, for the opportunity to approach the true meaning of the word “man” by absorbing the values presented by people who understand firsthand the value and meaning of the words “war” and “peace” (A. Dyluk).”

“Are so many teenagers and young people going to war these days? I don’t think so. It seems to me that people today have more fears and can’t look death in the eye the way our ancestors did (D. Denisyuk).”

“… (from) the words of Carmen Krusch-Grün “without knowing your past, there is no hope for the future”. And our task, the purpose of young people, is to know, understand and feel the fears and horrors of the past, so as not to have to experience them ourselves (E. Ritschiuk).”

“… as Artem Kopaliani said, “Young people, compete with each other in studies, sports, work, never fight, love each other and help each other, and they will be able to solve all the problems, and there will be no war, and they will be able to create a new prosperous world. The war, according to Alexander Grigoriev, “is an evil thing!” (A. Sergeev).”

“The film “Tell me about the war” urges not to forget the lessons of history and to be more tolerant of each other. “God forbid they see what we saw or relive the war” – warned veterans (P. Yaroshevich).”

“They fought for the future world. The only thing we can do for the heroes of the Great Patriotic War is to honor and cherish the memory of their truly great victory. We must know and preserve the memory (A. Kozyak).”

“I think that this is a really interesting documentary dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. During the war years boys and girls became strong, fearless and real patriots. They overcame, carried on their fragile shoulders what an adult did not always seem to be able to do. The hard years of war hardened them. The filmmakers pointed out that on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, we must remember those who won this victory, that this is our common holiday. Belarusians and Russians, Ukrainians and Georgians, Azerbaijanis and other peoples who fought together on the battlefield and defended the independence of their country made a significant contribution to the liberation of Europe and the world from fascist enslavement. In my opinion, the historical memory of the war is formed and kept in the consciousness of the young generation not only from history books and television chronicles. The most emotional factor is the memory of the people who live with us. The film is good, it is definitely worth watching (S. Chudnitskiy).”

“History should be treated with respect. The words of Nashimi Ramazanov “don’t be afraid, you go to battle but not to a wedding” impressed me, because in war, he said, you have to hold your fear in your fist and have time to control it (P. Muravskaya).”

“After watching this video, I was grateful to the veterans for giving us a chance to live a new life. We have to protect this world, otherwise they fought in vain (Y. Gusko).”

“I personally find the interview very interesting. And do we have any right to forget their incredible bravery, courage? How can we forget those who gave their lives on the battlefields, so that we could live! I am sure that the people who remember their history will not allow war in the future (N. Savchuk).”

“The film “Tell me about the war” left unforgettable emotions. It was as if we were transported back to those years and felt everything the veterans said to the core. Therefore, my thanks go to the organizers of the event that took place today. Today’s lecture caused a great wave of emotions in me and made me think about the events of the Great Patriotic War, as well as about the attitude towards preserving the memory of it (K. Sedun).”