Photo courtesy of Haydee Marin, Coordinator of the ISHR Latin American Committee

The Latin American Committee of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) includes sections in Colombia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, with additional sections based in Cuba and in the United States. Our volunteer human rights defenders on the ground monitor and report on current human rights violations occurring in their countries and also carry out a wide range of projects. These include support for indigenous education and peace building in prisons, among others.
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ISHR reports that the Corona crisis is systematically smothered, like any critical reporting about the regime in Cuba. The journalist Mónica Baró Sánchez had to pay a fine of 3.000 pesos and 26-year-old Camila Acosta, who writes for the Cubanet news website, has been interrogated several times.

Lady in White: Xiomara Cruz Miranda infected with TBC in prison

Regime critics in Cuba are suffering from the regime's diverse reprisals. The Frankfurt-based International Society for Human Rights (IGFM) is currently monitoring the condition of Xiomara Cruz Miranda, a member of the civil rights organization “Ladies in White.

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