Photo courtesy of Haydee Marin, Coordinator of the ISHR Latin American Committee

The Latin American Committee of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) includes sections in Colombia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, with additional sections based in Cuba and in the United States. Our volunteer human rights defenders on the ground monitor and report on current human rights violations occurring in their countries and also carry out a wide range of projects. These include support for indigenous education and peace building in prisons, among others.
To learn more about specific issue areas and our work in the Americas, see the updates below.


Have we forgotten Venezuela?

Venezuela is a unique case in history. A country with two governments. The Latin American Committee of ISHR analyzes the situation.

Nicaragua: The New Chipote

In what originally was a police town hall in Managua, was opened an improvised prison on February 7, 2019. It was built specifically to hold those who opposed the reelection of Daniel Ortega. What is the New Chipote? ISHR reports on the problematic prison.

Nicaragua: unfair trials and vengeance set in

One month into his election, Daniel Ortega continues his repressive policies against democracy. This time, the crackdown takes a new form. He managed to get elected for the fourth time in a row, crushing democracy in its path.

Cuba: German sentenced to 25 years in prison

German citizen Luis Frómeta Compte has been sentenced to 25 years in prison in Cuba. The charges were "agitation of public nuisance" and "incitement to riot". His only crime is to record the protests occurred in July 2021 with his smartphone.

ISHR Nicaragua: Nicaraguans deserve a better future

The November 7, 2021 presidential elections in Nicaragua have left no one stunned. Daniel Ortega won after hunting down the opposition and imprisoning all other seven presidential candidates, accusing them of mock charges such as "treason" and "terrorism". Ortega starts his fourth term in office virtually abolishing democracy.