Photo courtesy of Haydee Marin, Coordinator of the ISHR Latin American Committee

The Latin American Committee of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) includes sections in Colombia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, with additional sections based in Cuba and in the United States. Our volunteer human rights defenders on the ground monitor and report on current human rights violations occurring in their countries and also carry out a wide range of projects. These include support for indigenous education and peace building in prisons, among others.
To learn more about specific issue areas and our work in the Americas, see the updates below.


Cuba: Criminals released, civil rights activists detained

The Cuban government said it released more than 10,000 people from prisons during the coronavirus pandemic. ISHR criticizes that political prisoners are still in detention and calls on the regime to release political prisoners as soon as possible to protect them from being infected with Covid-19.

Hunger strike, wave of arrests and repression in Cuba

Hundreds of Cubans have held a hunger strike for three days. They are calling for the freedom of all political prisoners in Cuba and the end of state repression. At the same time, one of the largest waves of arrests has been taking place in Cuba for a long time. What are the reasons?

Report on Semilleros and Peace Makers in Venezuela

Our Peace Makers programs has managed to have an impact on the population of children and adolescents in the country of Venezuela. It is currently held in 13 venezuelan states with 211 churches, 7 educational institutions. 1,702 adults committed to working with children and adolescents.

The International Society for Human Rights in Colombia

ISHR Colombia works with organizations such as Fundacion Cristiana Nueva Generacion in Medellin and with Educational Institutions, schools and churches in different cities in Colombia to carry out programs that help the reintegration of these girls into the Colombian society.

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